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QC/Technical Support

We have implemented the following procedures in order to ensure all products meet our standards:
1) All raw materials and wig accessories must be checked or tested before entering production facilities, with unqualified items being rejected.
2) Quality control over production lines:
a) Workers make products in accordance with technical documents; the first several products everyday will be checked by workers themselves, and later rechecked by the full-time QC inspectors; mass- production will only take place after the first several products have passed our quality checks.
b) During the normal production time, personnel also periodically check the products themselves, with the checkers completing a tour of inspection. Finished parts will be spot checked, and production will only continue if quality standards have been met.
3) Wigs in stock will be checked regularly so as to ensure that quality standards are maintained.
4) Quality information from the marketing department is rapidly and efficiently delivered to the QC and technical departments. Therefore, the R&D team can improve designs and correct any problems as soon as possible.

Contact Us
Ms. Anna Qiu
  • Hair products industrial park,Yuzhou city,Henan Province,China(461670)
  • Tel:86-21-31329419
  • Fax:86-21-31329418
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